GameMasters is Hong Kong’s most popular urban scavenger race that allows players to discover local culture and hidden spots while getting their adrenaline pumping as they compete in teams to solve clues, race to mysterious destinations, and complete challenges – all while racking up points for their teams! All you need is a mobile phone to play!

As seen in Sassy HK and HK Magazine, GameMasters has also collaborated with brands like Google, Deliveroo, AXA, The Pulse, and many more!

Here’s a little taste of just what you can expect with a GameMasters game:


2014: Just three friends who had no idea that they were on the edge of an exciting idea that would change their lives.

The GameMasters

It all started when Cecilia wanted to spend the day at Disneyland, but couldn’t rally her friends to come. Same rides. Long queues. Too many tourists. The excuses went on.

Determined, Cecilia came up with an idea to turn a day at Disneyland into an exciting race, complete with teams, clues, and some very competitive friends. It turns out that people not only showed up, but they loved it and begged her to plan another one.

Cecilia’s friend Grace immediately saw the appeal of the game for competitive thrill-seekers. They enlisted the help of their PR-savvy friend Janice, and together, the three came up with the vision to perfect the art of running creative and exciting adventure games – hence the name, GameMasters.


From these humble beginnings, we’ve set out with a simple mission: to master the ultimate urban scavenger race. Since then we have run games for corporate celebrations, charity events, birthdays, and more. But we haven’t forgotten our roots and continue creating and hosting public games that anyone can join – just like that very first game that started this whole wild ride!

Whether you’re looking for something different for you and your friends, or want to host an exciting event for your organization, let GameMasters help you make it happen! With us, you’ll get that personal touch and creative flexibility that comes from working with people who love what they do.

Host a private game, join an public game, or just drop us a line. What are you waiting for? Let the game begin!